Full Mouth Restoration in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Full mouth restoration involves using a variety of procedures and treatments to treat dental and oral health problems and give you an attractive smile. Some people may have multiple oral problems that need to be addressed which can include decay, surface stains, misalignment, fractures, or gum disease. Full mouth restoration uses both cosmetic and restorative dental treatments and allows the dentist to create a personalized treatment or your specific needs. As a result, it’s highly effective at giving you a perfect healthy smile.

Full mouth restoration can include a broad range of procedures such as:

The type of treatment chosen will depend on your case and you’ll be glad to know that the majority of our treatments are 100% free of amalgam and mercury materials. Dr. M Pezeshki, Caring Dentist in Richmond Hill, will personally work with you to give your smile a complete makeover.

Our modern practice offers comfort and relaxation for your family. We are open weekends to accommodate your busy schedule and also provide Digital Xrays to ensure you receive the best dental care possible.

Contact Richmond Dental Clinic, Open weekends Dentist, to achieve your dream smile.

Full Mouth Restoration in Richmond HillFull Mouth Restoration in Richmond Hill Ontario