Dental Crowns in Richmond Hill, Ontario

If a tooth is severely traumatized, a filling may not be sufficient to restore it to its original shape and health. In cases like theses, a dental crown may be needed which caps the tooth’s entire outer surface. A crown is a great way to restore decayed and fractured teeth and improve your dental health. Dental crowns can be used for many cosmetic and restorative purposes which include:

  • Fixing teeth that are decayed or damaged
  • Covering surface stains
  • Increasing the strength of a weak tooth
  • Treating a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
  • Covering an exposed dental implant

You may be wondering how a bonded filling and dental crown are different? Fillings are ideal for minor decay or damage while crowns are recommended if a larger area of the tooth has sustained damaged. Another difference is that fillings can be applied to the tooth during the same appointment while crowns are made afterward in a dental lab. As a result, it usually takes 2 to 3 appointments to place a crown.

There a number of different types of dental crowns which include metal, porcelain, ceramic, or a fusion of these materials. Depending on the severity and where the damage was sustained, your dentist will recommend a certain type of crown for you.

Once the decay has been removed and the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, Dr. M Pezeshki will take an impression of the tooth. This impression is sent to a dental lab which uses this data to create your custom-made crown. When the crown is ready for placement, you will return to the office again to have it attached to the tooth. The dentist will check the restoration’s fit and appearance and make any necessary adjustments.

Whatever your dental needs are, whether its decay, a fracture, or chip, Richmond Dental Clinic can help. Contact Dr. M Pezeshki, Dentist in Richmond Hill, to set up an appointment. Our modern practice offers digital Xrays, Dental Cleanings, Teeth Whitening, and same-day Dental Emergencies.

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