Athletic Mouthwear Richmond Hill Ontario

One common thing that athletes have to watch out for are oral injuries. Oral injuries can occur when you least expect it, such as a strike to the mouth or a dislodged or fractured tooth. To keep your mouth fully protected while you are playing your favorite sports, Richmond Dental Clinic offers Under Armour performance mouthwear for you and your loved ones.

Under Armour performance mouthwear is ideal for anyone who enjoys participating in sporting activities, such as baseball, basketball, football, martial arts, and gymnastics. Whatever your favorite sport is, our athletic mouthwear keeps mouth protected from potential injury. Under Armour performance mouthwear is unique from other athletic mouth guards by the fact that it uses patented bite tech technology to prevent teeth clenching and grinding. These two actions place excessive stress on your chewing muscles which can undermine your overall performance. By keeping your facial muscles relaxed, you’ll be able to perform at a higher level.

Unlike store-bought mouth guards, our athletic mouthwear is custom-made for each of our patient’s mouth, resulting in superior comfort and protection. Store-bought mouth guards can be bulky, making them difficult to speak and wear. Because we only use the highest quality materials, we can provide oral appliances that fit better, are more comfortable, and offer superior protection.

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